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The AmanDa Jean

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The Invisible Queen


Based out of Los Angeles, The Amanda Jean (A.K.A. Invisible Queen) has, been modeling for over 9 years. Born and Raised in Pittsburgh, PA Amanda Jean moved out to Los Angeles, CA shortly after graduating from Tayler Allderdice High school. There is where she started her modeling and social media influencing career and soon there after went on to do the MTV show "House of Food". Amanda Jean has been featured in many magazines, music videos, web articles and more.

The meaning behind.....

The meaning behind Amanda's alternate name #invisiblequeen and her followers being her Invisible Empire is because we live in a digital world, a world that seems to be there all while still being out side of the "real" world. Her empire touches the masses all while still being intangible. THAT IS WHERE THE INVISIBLE QUEEN WAS BORN. This website is here to showcase her many years of hard work. Hope you enjoy it!



My Stats


Height - 4'11"
Weight - 105
Bust - 32B
Waist - 26"
Hips - 37"
Dress Size - 2
Shoe Size - 6
Eyes - Blue
Hair - Black and Silver

19) Frame Magazine
    (In the heat of the night)
   (Four page spread)

18) Esquire Mag article
   (Women we love Interview)

17) Delta Living Magazine
   (Two page spread)

16) Inked Girls Magazine
July/August 2014
   (Eight page spread)

15) US Weekly
March 31st 2014
   (Page 84)

14) US Weekly
March 24th 2014
   (Page 61)

13) AP Magazine
January 2014
(one page spread- Plug your holes)

12) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
March 20th 2014
  (One page)

11) Le Dulce Girl
August 2013
   (Online Spread)

10) Inked Girls Magazine
April-May issue 2012
   (Six page spread)

9) Inked Magaine
March issue 2012
   (One page)

8) Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine
April issue 2011
   (One page spread, 5 page article)

7) Jenesis Magazine
February- Love Vs. Sex issue 2011
  (Four page article)

6) Bella Morte Magazine
Febuary/March #3, 2011
  (Four page spread)

5) Fixe Magazine
December issue 2010
  (Online Magazine)

4) Bella Morte Magazine
December issue #2, 2010
  (One page)

3) Crypt Magazine
October Halloween issue 2010
  (Online Magazine)

2) The Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine
September Issue 2010
  (Page 41, 43, and 85)

1) Glam Rock Magazine- Summer 2010 Issue #5
 (4 Page Spread)




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